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Update on ApexUltra production

While the steel market is certainly not the easiest at the moment we now have received the 5 x 120 mm format of the first batch. The rest of the formats (5 x 50 and 15 x 40 mm) are going to be hot rolled this week. The production of these dimensions has been postponed due to unscheduled maintenance in the rolling mill. This part of the steel will now have to be heat treated and sandblasted, transported to our facility and cut to length. We estimate that we can start shipping orders in the last week of June.

We need to know the final yield of this batch and also the energy charges (which have been fluctuating heavily recently) before we can set the final prices as we have calculated a rather narrow margin. As soon as we have that piece of information we will be able to send out the formal offers to those who registered in the pre-order.

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