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ApexUltra - the first results

Aktualisiert: 28. Sept. 2021

The standardized toughness and CATRA edge retention samples where then sent to Dr. Larrin Thomas for testing. He used the same equipment and sample size as for all his other tests – that way an excellent comparability of the results was certain. The test results were excellent. Very high toughness even at 65-68 HRC combined with excellent slicing edge retention – exactly what the design intent was. While these tests only focused on very high hardness results (as being the best in this segment was the goal) ApexUltra can also be used at lower hardness. We expect it to show similar hardness / toughness results as 52100 / 1.3505 / 100Cr6 in the 60 – 65 HRC range, probably with slightly lower toughness but significantly increased edge retention according to CATRA tests. A wider field of tests will be done once the final material has been produced to provide recommended heat treamtents for all different applications.

ApexUltra performed extremely well on the CATRA edge retention testing leaving other low alloy steels with high hardness behind. CATRA test results - low alloy steels:

ApexUltra manages to maintain good toughness up to more then 68 HRC. Hardness and toughness results of ApexUltra compared to other low alloy steels:

ApexUltra is the higest toughness steel Larrin Thomas has ever tested on in the 67-68 Rc range, exceeding even the PM high speed steels like Rex 45, Rex 76, Z-Max, and Maxamet.

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